Posted on July 25 2017




Ride of the Century 2014! What a year! The year that things finally got back on track and what a weekend it was! After all the chaos the previous two years, people from all over the world still showed up to take part. As people started coming in town on Wednesday night, front wheels were flying high all over the place. By Thursday, even more people were in town and the fun kept on. By Friday, it was time to go ham on the streets and lay the smack down. Typically on Friday, a lot of riders are in town and we like to do a small ride through the inner city to give people the lay of the land and to work any kinks out. It’s always a little nerve racking to go to a new city and ride. On top of that, you’re riding with other riders you’ve never rode with before, and that in itself is nerve racking. And of course, the partying kicks into gear on Friday night as well. So Saturday can be a little rough for the warriors that decide to go hard, but either way, we crawl out of bed and make it to the meet up. 







The ride on Saturday went off without a hitch, minimal carnage in terms of wrecks, minimal cop interaction, and overall, just a great ride. One of our favorite parts of the weekend is at the end of the ride where we get to interact with all the riders and hear all the different crazy stories. It’s that brotherhood and comradery that makes ROC the event that it is. One depressing part about 2014, we had to change where the Saturday night after party was. Heartbreakers became legendary among riders, it was the a place we could get away with just about anything. But the doors closed late in 2013, so we had to change venues. The challenge is to find places that are open late enough and that can accommodate our type of crowd. The place we picked for 2014, was none of that! If you were there, things didn’t go so well, but hey, it makes for a great story! All in all, 2014 set the stage for the following years which made it one of the best yet! Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to hang out on our website with us. Hit us up if you have any comments or suggestions for us. Always love hearing feedback from friends and fans. See ya on one wheel! Thanks, Streetfighterz




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