Digital Download: C and I 5: Disc 1



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Take C and I 5: Disc 1 anywhere you want. Download one of our best films to date. This download is formatted for iPhone, iPad, iMac or PC (VLC Media player will need to be downloaded to view on PC). This is not HD (Resolution is 720x480p) but still looks great on any of these devices. Also a great way to jam out to the action packed soundtrack. Directions to sync with your devices will be included in your confirmation email.

Released in 2008 and after three long years, a lot of hard work, and the addition of a few secret weapons, the Streetfighterz are back at it! "C and I 5: Street Credentials" is a must have! We've been in the game since 1999 killing the highways and doing what they do best! Somehow each video keeps raising the bar and there are no signs of stopping! Prepare yourself for never before seen footage of combo wheelies on busy highways and city streets ... with NO FRONT WHEEL!!!

This video gives you a scary glimpse into our lives and we refuse to quit, no matter the consequences. So buckle up and enjoy one of the best stunt films you'll ever see.

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