Posted on September 28 2017



Here it is! The documentary many of you have been asking about and waiting for! Filming for the project started a year ago an it’s finally here. The film was produced by Rated Red (Verizon Wireless and Hearst Media) and directed by Tommy Davis. When Tommy first approached us, the assignment was to explore the brotherhood of the military overseas and how when they come back to the U.S., the struggle they encounter to re-adjust to civilian life. In this case, stunt riding is that brotherhood that fills the void. He thought connecting us to someone that was former military would be the angle to take, but after meeting Kevin from the SickRiders and exploring his story, it made sense to develop a separate doc based on his experience which is where the film “Infidels” came from. With all that said, Tommy decided we could tell our own story. A little about who we are, where we came from, the stunt scene in and around St. Louis, and how it all funnels into the Ride of the Century. The film starts out with Jack (Owner of Shady Jack’s) talking a little bit about how motorcycles bring people together and how the bar has become the hearth of the local stunt scene.




From there, it drops right into a montage of amazing cinematography shot by Robbie Hart, laid on top of an awesome audio track along with tastefully done special effects! This first segment is one of the most well done edits we’ve ever seen in the stunt industry. It’ll have the hairs on your arms standing up. From there, the film dives into the subculture in and around St. Louis and the impact we’ve had on the area over the years. It’s always humbling to here from other riders how we influenced them or had some type of impact on their lives. Sometimes things are moving so fast, you never really take a second to stop and realize what you’re doing. After some genuine and heart felt interviews (one in which a former heroin addict tells his story of how stunt riding saved his life), the film starts to explore us, and our relationship with each other. Along with those relationships, Streetfighter Adam has with his son share a little bit about their relationship and the toll it takes on him. After 17 years in the stunt industry, the stakes are higher now than they’ve ever been. It’s a great piece for all you dads out there trying to balance your passion of stunt riding and your even greater passion for your sons or daughters.



Next, you get a quick glimpse into Sitdown Steve’s and Junkyard Kenny’s life. Pay close attention to the “pimp-level” status of Kenny’s dad! There’s never a dull moment with these guys. To finish the film off, it focuses on Ride of the Century and what it means to so many people. The stories and trials people go through to make it to the ride are unbelievable. With another awesome three minutes of footage and music, the film leaves you ready to hit the replay button! This film is a masterful way of telling our story and many other people’s stories, all while painting the industry in a way that’s hard to frown at. Take a look and decide for yourself. Please share the link to this page and spread this great film as much as you can and help us spread the the joy of stunt riding and the positive impact it can have on people and the community. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to hang out on our website with us. Hit us up if you have any comments or suggestions for us. Always love hearing feedback from friends and fans. See ya on one wheel! Thanks, Streetfighterz


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