Posted on August 14 2017




Check out our edit from last weekend’s Block Party! We usually try to do a couple of these per summer, but this was our first one this year. On top of that, our good friend Rodney Sargent happen to be coming through that weekend so he was able to join in on the fun. The weather wasn’t the best, a little overcast all day and night, with a some light rain here and there. So the footage is a little dark, but hopefully you get the jest of how fun it was. And on top of all that, our friend “Hippie” brought out his drift car and made some noise with us. We got some great footage of him and Rodney drifting around each other. You’ll see lots of bikes in the footage as we always invite out friends from around the city to come join in on the fun. 







We like to create as much chaos as possible to entertain the crowd. We started filming around 6pm and you’ll see the video progress throughout the evening and into the night. Some of our favorite shots have to be Rodney and Sitdown Steve carving stoppies down the street right at the camera. We got some nice drone footage of it all too. Did our best to mix it in all together. Stay tuned for the next one, and if you’re in town or close enough, come on out and hang out with us. It’s always a good time! Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to hang out on our website with us. Hit us up if you have any comments or suggestions for us. Always love hearing feedback from friends and fans. See ya on one wheel! Thanks, Streetfighterz




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