Posted on August 01 2017




Check out this crazy action from Miami, Florida. This past January, we took a trip to Florida. First we stopped off in Orlando for a parking lot event and street ride. Cops were a nightmare down there, almost taking us to jail and impounded the RV at one point. Luckily we were able to calm them down and convince them we weren't the ones throwing the event. The cops in Florida aren't messing around. Besides the mess with the cops, Orlando was a good time. That Sunday night, we headed down to Miami for a couple days to take part in the infamous Martin Luther King Ride Out! You talk about a crazy event! This was by far, the craziest riding we've ever done or seen. This event is known for the dirt bikes and atvs it attracts from all over the east coast, but of course, us street bikers love to take part in the action too. It's a crazy scene all over the city for about 5 days. For us, we were trying to meet up with the actual big ride, but what happens is, there are several small rides going on at all times all over the city and the cops zero in on bikes and groups where ever they can. 







Although there's not much they can do, the city is absolutely overrun by bikes of all types. Everywhere you look, there are dirt bikes, atvs, spiders, cruisers, and street bikes flying past you. We were lucky enough to make a few phone calls and find a meet up spot. From there, we took off to meet up at another meet up sport, but when we got there, we missed that group leaving to meet up with the big ride. So what you see in this video, is us riding with a very small group trying to find the other group whose trying to find the main ride. We never actually found the main ride, but what we saw and experienced was crazy enough. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to hang out on our website with us. Hit us up if you have any comments or suggestions for us. Always love hearing feedback from friends and fans. See ya on one wheel! Thanks, Streetfighterz




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